Carol Anne Furlong for Ward 2

My entire work life has been one of advocacy on behalf of people who needed a strong voice to represent them.

I will put my experience and commitment to work on your behalf. I will fight for you and the many issues of concern in Ward 2.


Carol is opposed to tax increases in the upcoming budget.

For many taxpayers this has been a challenging year. When the upcoming budget is discussed I will be opposing tax increases. I believe that in the current economy the taxpayers of our city cannot afford a tax increase.

I have a history representing working people and know their struggles trying to make ends meet during a difficult economy. This year many workers lost their jobs or had reduced hours of work. taxpayers cannot afford tax increases in these difficult times.

It has been a challenging year for small businesses. Many businesses continue to suffer significant revenue losses while some were forced to close. The bottom line is, as taxpayers they cannot afford tax increases.

Our current economy created a year of hardship for taxpayers. Now is not the time to be burdened with tax increases they cannot pay.

Carol Anne Furlong will be outspoken and a strong advocate on behalf of taxpayers if you elect me as your Ward 2 Councillor.

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